Solar panels provide 70 percent of your hot water demand throughout the year.Also solar panels have become more affordable over the last few years making it available for everyone. Government grants for solar have increased this year coming to a total of €1250!! There are two main types of solar which some people get confused over,the first being flat panels which are the first generation solar and have been replaced by solar evacuated tubes due to their efficiency and strong design features.These are 30% more efficient. We install all our solar systems in one day and Provide you  with a 5 year warranty as standard for peace of mind We design solar for your own individual requirements. Want more info.We have it all,and can give you what you want to know to a tee in about 5 minutes over the phone or by email. So what are you waiting for get in touch!

How do they work?

Solar panels work by receiving u.v light and trapping its heat inside the glass.This then heats the copper tube within the glass.This heat is transferred by means of a circulating pump through the coil in the cylinder which gradually heats up giving plenty of hot water for showers.All this is controlled by a digital smart controller which also gives you readings of how much hot water you're gaining and the temperature of you're hot water for showers.Below see a simple diagram of how it works.

Why should you get solar?

.Its an investment and it pays for itself in the first five years

.Increase value of you're home.

.No need to use you're immersion or heating during the summer months.

.Pleasure of showering under a hot shower free of charge.