Why up grade you're boiler?

If you're boiler has packed up or if  you are replacing your boiler to a newer condensing one,you've come to the right place.

A new condensing boiler will save you 20%on your oil consumption as opposed to an old non condensing model and this is when you're old boiler is working efficiently!

If you also upgrade you're heating controls you can save up to 50% on you're heating costs and if you do this along with a boiler replacement you will be eligible for grants of  €700.

Above a digital timeclock used to controll youre heating, which will seperate youre heating into three zones.

1;Downstairs heating which will automatically turn heating off when desired temperature reached down stairs by means of a room stat.

2;Up stairs heating which will automatically turn off whe desired temperature reached up stairs by means of room stat.

3;Hot water heating which will automatically stop heating water in you're cylinder when desired temperature reached by means of a cylinder stat.

Picture to the left is a stat that will control you're heating.

Also we would install thermostatic radiator valves to control each radiator individually giving total control over you're heating system.