We install glow worm gas boilers. These boilers are are part of the valliant group which is one of the market leaders. Their boilers run at up to 89% efficiency when set up correctly making it an “A” rated appliance and never after all of our installations we have never had any problems or complaints with these boilers. Typically a follow up call later in the year reveals how happy the customer is with the heat output from the boiler but also the lower level of gas being used. The new condensing boilers use 20% less gas than a conventional boiler, and this is when your conventional boiler was new, not 20+ years old. If your boiler is  old it maybe running at 50% efficiency or less.

It's a no brainer to upgrade to a new condensing boiler with what you will save on gas. You do the maths on what gas your using and see how quick it can pay for itself. The gas boilers we install (Glow Worm) are typically wall hung. Note: Gas work must always be completed by a registered gas engineer. Along with installing the boiler they will also include checking of all other gas appliances in the house, Pressure testing of your gas lines and also other checks regarding ventilation, general safety and correct burning of all gas appliances. This is a must and a certificate will be issued on completion.This is carried out with all new gas boiler installations.

The size of the boiler will vary and is very important to be correct. We will help you with sizing it correctly. With a condensing boiler it is important to have them slightly undersized as opposed to oversized, as this will take them out of condensing mode and not be as efficient as could be. Customers do tend to always look for a bigger boiler than needed and this has to be explained as a larger boiler will still only generate the same heat but less efficiently.

Note: We do recommend a power flush with the installation of a new boiler. For more information click here powerflush

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