Power flushing

What is powerflushing and why would you need it?

Over the years in a heating system the same water is going around and around and is never drained .This water can especially after 20 years become solidified and lumpy, called sludge.

This can be detrimental to a heating and effects can rang from clogged pipes to blocked radiators to a blocked heat exchanger in a gas boiler ,rendering it useless and dangerous. In an oil boiler it can clogg up the volume of the boiler with sludge. Typically what you will see on a heating system is the thermostat on your boiler could be set high at possibly 80 degrees centigrade and you might have only 50 degrees getting to your radiators. Also quite commonly especially downstairs as this is where most of the dirt will lodge and you will have radiators that wont heat at the bottom/middle section.

So whats involved when powerflushing.

So powerflushing involves us calling to introduce a chemical into the heating system.This would then be left in the heating for a couple of days to dislodge and break down all the dirt. We would call again and drain all the water out of your heating systems, we would introduce a machine to pump clean water around each radiator and all the pipes, one by one turning one radiator on at a time. When completed we would fill the heating with fresh water and and add another chemical. This time the chemical used is called an inhibitor and its function is to protect the inside of your heating system into the future and prevent sludge build up.

See video below

Another addition we would recommend to your heating system would be the addition of a mag clense filter to your heating system. This is plumbed into the main pipes at your boiler or above at the hotpress. This has a magnet built in that collects the dirt out of your heating and does so very very efficiently.You remove the cap periodically and clean the filter and replace again,thus keeping your heating at maximum efficiency.